Another Round

Today starts another round of the work week and it is going to be a great week. This past weekend was great. I finally earned a new badge on my Fitbit. The Trail Shoe badge which is 30,000 steps in a day! Finally! Though that means my next badge is 35,000 steps in one day…

I am on the last season of Arrested Development. Although I still have a few more episodes to watch, I am already tears trying to figure out what I want to watch next. Or do I want to take a break from binge watching Netflix and read?  And reading it is! I just discovered my favorite author has two new books out I haven’t read! Best news ever! Just in time for camping next week!

I have a hiking bug now. I bought a day pack on Saturday before hiking around Cades Cove. Although we won’t be hiking a lot with Dad’s broken foot next week, I will still bring it in case we do a small hike or two. And when we get back, I am planning on hiking more. I plan on making time to hike more and not be so lazy. (Let’s see if I follow through with that).

Tonight is one of my best friend’s daughter’s birthday party! I think that is why so far this day is just dragging on. I am glad that my niece is able to come to her party this year! I love birthday’s. And this seems to be the month for them. It feels weird August is already here… it was just May the other day it seems. I’m afraid to blink because suddenly it will be Thanksgiving. Wait, I want it to be Thanksgiving. I get to go to Florida and see my family!

And now I am hungry.


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