Wake up Brain!

I love days when I have a giant check list and I am slowly crossing things off the list. Even though it’s slightly depressing when my to-do list will only grow in size and never be finished. Well…I guess it would be depressing if it was finished because that would mean I would be job-less and I don’t think I could handle being without a job. Been there and done that for a month or two. Worst time in my life. No school. No job. Nothing to do but stress over bills and cry over my credit card/student loan statements.

So…basically what I do now except I work fulltime.

Let’s give a big horary for being an adult.

Just kidding. Let’s go back to bed, watch Netflix, and forget our troubles!

Too bad I can’t do that… After work, I need to go grocery shopping since I used up the last of my limited supply today. It could be worse, I guess. I could not have the money to go, but I really don’t have the energy. It has been a busy week so far. Thank the stars it is halfway over already! Before going to Kroger, I shall stop at the library since I have a couple of books that are ready to be picked up. After I finish my grown-up responsibilities, I shall throw myself a party of one.


Meaning, getting into my comfy clothes and hermitting myself away for the rest of the night. I plan on doing the same thing tomorrow night and Friday night. It will be heaven. Well, I may go to the movies by myself after work tomorrow since I won’t be able to go tonight. Damn you adult bullshit! Whatever I happen to do, it will be wonderful and relaxing. I need to relax while I can. I have a busy weekend coming up that will be filled with fun adventures. Saturday the Gatlinburg Aquarium before going to the Hard Knox Roller Girls with my mom. And Sunday another day at Dollywood before starting yet another work week. Good news! It will be a short work week as I will be off camping with my dad and sister.

Let the countdown begin….7 days to go!


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