One Day Down

I survived.

I didn’t think I would but I did.

Considering I got less than 5 hours of sleep last night. I stayed up until midnight writing a couple of chapters of this story I have been working on for over six years now. A few years back I was the closest as I have ever been to actually finishing the story. But, of course, I didn’t quite like it and I had changed a few things here and there so instead of going back and correcting, I scratched it and started again.

And again.

And again.

This time will be different…if I keep telling myself this, maybe it will come true.

After I finally closed my laptop, I took a shower and attempted to go to bed. It took about an hour, I think. My brain was stuck on repeat of all the possible outcomes my anxiety thought of. I woke up a couple of times, but finally gave up a little after five in the morning.

And surprisingly, I am not as tired as I would expect. I just hope I will be able to sleep tonight. It is going to be another long day tomorrow I am sure. But, then it will be Wednesday and my Dad and I will be driving up to Blue Ridge Parkway in the worst state in existence for a long weekend. My sister actually texted me today. She is excited too. I am glad we are doing this. I haven’t seen my sister in….over a year?

After getting out of work over an hour late, I stopped by the library and picked up three audio books I plan on taking on my camping trip. I doubt I will get to listen to them or even read the books I will be bringing, but it won’t stop me from bringing them. It would be like leaving behind your best friend.


Time to get back into making the most of everyday…or at least trying, right? Why is it so hard?


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