Nearing the End

I started the last season of Chuck today. I can feel the deep dark hole of depression as the end draws closer. I mean, come on…look at that “bored/what am I doing with my life face?” That is basically a cuter, more masculine version of my face lately. Except mine is more anxious and stressed looking than bored.

It’s a lose/lose situation I am in. On one hand, I need Operation Bartowski to keep me from going into the dark hole that hascasey3 been my life. On the other hand, there is only five seasons of this show and I have started the beginning of the last.

I am not mentally prepared to say goodbye to Casey’s growls. It was hard enough losing Adam Baldwin when Firefly ended.

jayneJayne in Firefly spoke to me. During times of crisis, his words of wisdom comes back to me. Actually everyone in that show comes back to me. Whoever in FOX decided to cancel this gem of a show is going to a special kind of hell. Okay, not really…but seriously.

What am I going to watch when this is fimenacenished? Probably Merlin, which I am sure will reduce me into a puddle of tears on the floor…great.

I will attempt not to think about it and just enjoy the time I have left with these fictional characters. Seriously, I need to sop getting so obsessed with things. Talking about how sad I am going to be when the show finished because I will miss the characters isn’t healthy. At least I know it’s not healthy. First step is admitting you have a problem, right? The next step is fixing the problem.


I will always be stuck on the next step.


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