Is it Four Yet?

Finally! The day of camping is here! Now just to get through the next few hours of work and then I will be off! I probably over packed. I always do. But, I am proud. I only brought one book. I did however, put a few audio books on my IPod just in case. I am bringing my trusty college ruled spiral notebook (I don’t trust people who use wide ruled) to work on my story. All in all, the next few days are going to fantastic.

Here is a picture of Adam Baldwin as Jayne in Firefly for your enjoyment.


You are welcome for that.

The only bad thing about going camping (which isn’t a bad thing at all) is I am already sad and in withdrawal from Netflix. Since I am taking my lunch at four today, there is no Netflix to break up my day. No Chuck. Is this what loneliness feels like?

Last night, I watched a couple of episodes of Supernatural with my Dad (Mom is away we are taking a break from Parks and Recreation). We are currently in season 5 and I forgot how fun some of the episodes are in this season. I stayed up way past my bedtime in order to watch the episode Changing Channels. There are a couple of episodes I would suggest to watch if you don’t want to watch the entire ten seasons of this show and that is one of them. Which, thinking about it, it may not make any sense if you just randomly watched it. But it is pretty hilarious.

Now here is a picture of Adam Baldwin as John Casey in Chuck.


I was just watching Chuck this morning and I am already missing it. I seriously have a problem. But, in my defense, the episode I had to abandon was really good.

And, four is still a ways away.

But then I will be in the world of nature and enjoying every single moment of it. Life is pretty good when you are surrounded by nature.


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