Surprise and Happy Friday

Right now, I am probably just living it up camping. I am in my element. Probably anxious about what awaits me when I return to civilization and pretending not to care. Oh the joys of being me. Technically I haven’t even left yet (I am typing this with less than two hours to go before I leave) and I am already anxious about being anxious while camping. What the hell is wrong with me?

truthSuddenly, I just want to run home, crawl into my bed and watch Horton Hears a Who! Because who doesn’t get cheered up when watching that movie?

Something to consider when I get home on Sunday.

Until then, I am going to not be anxious.

Or at least try not the so anxious.

Maybe at this moment, I am laying in my new hammock and reading Jurassic Park? My brain isn’t betraying me and I am actually relaxed and enjoying my life. Without the weight of a thousand little things that could possibly go wrong any given moment.

Sounds nice.

I have been so busy and stressed lately, I haven’t spent that much time in nature. And that is completely my fault. No more excuses when I get back. My best friend Jess and I are planning on going hiking next weekend. After that, I will plan my next camping weekend. I remember how relaxing it was when I went earlier this year with friends. I need to get back to that. Back to nature and away from the constant need to always be in communication with each other.

But none of that matters at this moment. The anxiety, the depression, the thousand little things that could possibly go wrong…none of that matters. All that matters at this moment in time, is I am where I want to be. I am with my family and making new friends. I am taking a much-needed mini-vacation.

So on this day, I wish for you, whoever you may be, that you have a wonderful Friday and hope that you do something you enjoy doing. Because it is already half-way through August and before we know it, this year will be over. And you also deserve to do something that makes you happy and fills you with joy. Because we need to take the wins where we can.


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