Recharged and Ready…

…to nap.

Just kidding.

Not really. I could use a long nap right now. I love camping, but it sure it nice to sleep in your own bed after a few nights sleeping on the ground. That’s right, I slept on the ground cause I never got the hang of air mattresses. I did have one of those z-mats that helped and I use my old sleeping bag as a cushion cause that thing is thick! I ended up not sleeping the night in my hammock in fear of rolling over and breaking a hip. But I am confident I won’t fall out of it…now that I am home and sleeping in my bed.

Speaking of falling…I did fall down at this one hike at the waterfalls. No one noticed. Dad did notice me rock climbing back up. It was either that, or attempt to continue my way down…which wasn’t going to happen without serious injury.

wpid-20150813_133741.jpgThis may not seem like much…but let me tell you…it was. Just after that rock (which totally saved my ass), there was about a ten foot drop.

Thankfully, I did not get hurt. It could have ended really badly. Usually I am pretty careful, but obviously this time my foot slid out from under me and down I went. Spent the rest of the day with wet shorts and dirt dried on my legs. In other words, camping clean!


That was the drop I could have taken had that rock not been there. It’s always a good hike or camping trip when no one gets hurt.

And now it is back to reality. It is amazing what a few days away can do for you. It was a great long weekend getaway filled with laughter, Pitch, hiking, wine, and even more laughter. It is time to book my next camping excursion for next month at Indian Boundary Campground. But before that, I need to by a new tent. For my high school graduation, my parents bought me my first tent. It is now over eleven years old and it is starting to fall apart. I had to rig part of the pole and tent to stay down. Who knows, maybe I will get one more camping trip out of it before it gets retired.


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