Now What?

Another show finished as of today. It leaves me plagued with the question: now what? I don’t know why I keep doing this to myself. I find a new show, start obsessively watching until…the end. Because lets face it, there will always be an ending. Unless the show is Supernatural and then it will never end.

And damn it if the last episode of Chuck wasn’t just down right fantastic.


It had just enough references from the entire 5 seasons it was on. As well as wrapping up each character story pretty nicely. It was touch and go for the two main characters for a bit, but of course it ended on a happy tearful note.

And I already miss them all.

How to “normal” people survive without Netflix and obsessing over fictional characters? What do they talk about? Sometimes I imagine I am one of those people who won’t stay home in my pajamas instead of going out with friends.

Friend: What are you doing?

Me: Nothing

Friend: Let’s do something.

Me: I can’t.

Friend: I thought you were doing nothing?

Me: That’s code for I’m watching Netflix and I’m still in my pajamas.

Friend: Of course you are.

I know will never run out of things to watch! Netflix is enabling me and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Even now, as my heart breaks and mourns for the fictional characters that have consumed my life for the past few weeks (maybe less…don’t judge me), I can hear the other shows and movies calling out to me.

Maybe I will give my heart a break. Tonight I shall be going over to my friend’s house to hang out after work and instead of going home and picking out the next obsession, I will finish The Lost World. That book in itself is an obsession. I finished Jurassic Park during my camping trip and it was awesome…again. I lost count over the many years on how many times I have read the novels, but the last time I read them was back in 2011. So at least it’s been four years since I have read them.

Or maybe I will stick in a movie when I go home and try to distract myself from the loss of Operation Bartowski.



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