It Would be a Merrier World

I accomplished my errands during lunch! Score one for me! I both love and hate the little errands. The bank errands. The kitty litter errand. It makes me feel like I have my life together.

Which I do not.

But I like to feel like I have my life together. That way, I don’t feel as…lost in the midst of people who look and act like they have their shit together. Where in reality, I do not. I run out of cat food for my cat. Give him tuna fish. Almost out of shampoo? Eh, put some water in the bottle, shake it up, and wash. Does this make me lazy? Probably. To give myself credit, Nelson hasn’t run out of cat food in a while. And I did buy myself shampoo before I ran out this last time. Maybe I do have my life in order?

During my lunch, I stopped at the only video rental “store” I know of, which is in Ingles. Although there was a few differently movies I wanted to rent, I ended up with The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel because I missed it in theaters. I texted my mom (big gasp from anyone who knows my mom – I am slowly getting her to text) and let her know. Turns out, Dad bought it yesterday. Of course he did… Oh well. I’ll get to watch it tonight no matter what and when I return it tomorrow at lunch, I shall pick out different movies that I know Dad doesn’t own. Just in case, I will ask him what he has bought recently.

I need a good relaxing night.

I actually need a good nights sleep. Last night Nelson kept getting in my face and licking/biting my fingers because he wanted to cuddle. I can’t get mad at him…too much. He’s adorable. But why can’t he be all lovely when I am conscious?

At least tomorrow is Friday and then the weekend is finally here. This week has been a weird one. Both long and short at the same time and I am ready for the weekend. Oh. I just remembered, if I rent movies tomorrow at lunch, I am going to have to remember to drop them off on my way to Johnson City. Maybe I will wait to rent movies for when I get back home.

Or maybe I will just binge watch The Hobbit movies again?


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