“Would it save you a lot of time if I just gave up and went mad now?”


Sometimes I scare myself with my own thoughts. It’s during these times I find myself diving down different rabbit holes and then struggle to return to the surface.

I need to get out of this funk.

I blame Thursday.

Poor Thursday. Always getting blamed for me being in a weird mood. And what a mood I am in today. Part of me just wants to nap. The other part of me wants to disappear into a fog. There is this middle part of me, a little sliver of me, that wants to spend the day in the movie theater watching movies. Maybe that part is more than a sliver.

Yesterday I had these errands to run, which I didn’t do. At lunch, I watched Netflix on my phone. After work, I went straight home and into my pajamas. So that leaves today…do I actually run some errands on my lunch break or attempt to go after work? Like always, I will wait until the moment before to see how I feel. I hate make decisions sometimes.

At least one of my best friends gave me the link to this Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy game. That will give me something to keep my brain occupied before it slips into another rabbit hole never to return again. Okay, it will return, I just never know when I will come out of it.

I hate the waiting game. I do not have the patience for it. During the time I wait, my brain runs wild and my anxiety slowly edges itself higher and higher. Lately, I have been tempering this with Chuck.

I have run out of Chuck.

And since I got back from vacation, I have just been playing catch up. Suddenly, I am even more exhausted than I was just a few hours ago. Maybe I’ll get good news today? I could use some good news.


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