Sugar Hangover

After lunch, I ate this block of fudge and although it gave me a quick burst of energy…I now just want to lay my head down, close my eyes and take a nap. It has been one of those horrible but good days. It is days like today that will make me treasure the weekends.

During lunch, I stopped by Ingles and returned the DVD I rented yesterday. And proceeded to rent two other movies. Which I will have to return tomorrow and since I will be leaving for Johnson City first thing in the morning, I will have to make sure to watch both of them tonight. As I picked the second movie, I knew I should only rent one. Despite knowing this, I still left with Into the Grizzly Maze and Home.


It kind of reminded me when I bought The Boondock Saints and High School Musical close to midnight, if not after midnight all those years ago when I worked at Hollywood Video.

But come on, look at the movie cover and tell me you don’t want to watch it. It would be stupid of me to point out how excited I am to be leaving work today to enjoy a night in my pajamas watching movies. Now here is the important question: which movie first? Do I watch the grizzly movie first and end the night watching a kids movie? Or reverse it and watch the kids movie first and end the night watching some grizzly attacking people?

I need more fudge, but I ate it all.

How can the day start to bright and cheerful and then morph into some dark depressing cloud of hopelessness? Oh that’s right, because I am an insensitive asshat. And days like today I am grateful for the things I do have in my life.

This time tomorrow, I will be laughing and having a blast in Johnson City. Until then, I will do my best with what I have. And even better, I have a movie called Into the Grizzly Maze to watch! Life is pretty freaking fantastic sometimes.


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