Happy Place

Everyone needs their own happy place. On the drive to Johnson City yesterday morning I went through the list of my happy places. Because what else do you do during a two-hour drive by yourself? Other than the obvious: listening to the audio book of any Harry Potter book.

1. Movie theaters. There is something comforting about the movies that can turn any day into something magical…if only for a couple of hours.

2. Swing sets. Just try to be unhappy when swinging as high as you can go. I dare you. Feeling the wind swoosh by you as you push yourself higher is something akin to carefree childlike glee.

3. Movie rental stores (since those are nonexistent, replace with Best Buy or any store with a good selection of DVDs). I don’t need to explain the awesomeness of a place with lots of DVDs.

4. Nature. There is nothing more relaxing than being outside in nature. Yesterday I went hiking to Laurel Falls with my best friend. It was a beautiful day and the waterfall was absolutely beautiful. The water was freezing as we swam, but it was fantastic. I slept so wonderful last night.

5. Breakfast with my sister (or any meal or time spent with my sister). This morning I had breakfast with my sister. It was the second time this month I have seen her and it hit me while I was driving home from Johnson City about how much I cherish each moment with her. For that matter, time spent with any of my siblings.

6. Spending time with my parents. For example, nights like tonight. My parents and I are watching Parks and Recreation.

Life is pretty good sometimes. I need to remember to take a deep breath and enjoy my life. And whenever I forget and need a reminder, I should go to the movies. That is always a great solution. The movies. Since Saturday morning, I went to a movie rental place, hiking, watched two and a half movies with my best friend, had breakfast with my sister, went and saw Pixels with my best friend, hung out with my brother, his fiance, their girls, and my parents, and currently watching Netflix. I wish the weekend wasn’t ending. I have to remember this feeling to get me through this week.

I can do it.


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