“No that’s just perfectly normal paranoia.”

My mind is blank, yet at the same time going a mile a minute a thousand different directions. It doesn’t seem possible, yet it is. Any time I try to grasp one tiny concept, it floats away leaving a blank space. Around that blank space is a million different thoughts doing some kind of jig.

All I want to do is go home, get into comfy clothes, and shut out the world.

Maybe not the world.

I could use a good twenty-four hours sleep. Maybe that is what I will do this weekend. Catch up on my sleep. Just today and tomorrow to get through before I get rewarded with the weekend. I don’t have any plans (other than the tentative smores cookout in the back yard). This is the first time in a while I haven’t had any plans in a weekend.

Reese’s Cup and Coffee… not a bad combination, surprisingly.


I keep getting distracted by little things. Little thoughts that float by so quickly I have no time to comprehend them. They are important thoughts, really. Just thoughts that break up the day. What will my life be like in 5 years if I stay on the path I am now? What will my life be like if I make a change? Stupid questions, really. They are both meaningless and meaningful. And I hate them right now. I want to be lazy, drink coffee, eat Reese’s and not think.

But that isn’t how I operate.

I think of a thousand different possibilities of every single decision I make. I write down the pros and cons. And the continue to think of each possible outcome and feeling each word on the page could possibly mean.

And then I get tired so I drink coffee.


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