Things I Hate

  1. My body. And not in the sense that I hate the way I look, cause I like the way I look. Even when I was about thirty pounds overweight, I didn’t hate myself. I hated the way I felt. I hated the way I was depressed. Once, I started losing the weight and getting back on track, I started feeling less down all the time. So, I hate my body in the sense that it betrays me. I get depressed, or crave certain unhealthy foods that I know I shouldn’t eat. This is what I hate.
  2. Why does a 20 oz Pepsi cost close to $2 and an 1.5 Liter Pepsi cost $1? Earlier I returned the DVDs I rented while I was at Ingles, I decided to splurge and get a Pepsi. I ended up leaving with the 1.5 Liter and gave zero fucks driving home while drinking it out of the bottle.
  3. People. Today is definitely a day to stay away from people. This past week was…stressful and a little bit emotional. Yesterday I got up at three in the morning to take my parents to the airport. Needless to say, I was extremely tired throughout the day. But I survived it. Last night I grabbed nachos at Salsaritas before heading home and spending the night binge watching Fringe. I rented two movies during my lunch break, but I get home and watch Netflix.

Okay. So I really don’t hate people. I am just in need of some much hermit time. I am completely drained of energy. My thoughts were all over the place this past week. Potential new life changing events could be happening. I hate the word potential. I guess that is number four on my list of things I hate today. This is the perfect time for me to make some big changes. The potential is there. Potential sucks. It’s like oh hey there person, you could be something great but instead you are miserable and just waiting. Which makes me mad because I’m over here all, watch yourself potential, I am not just sitting around with my thumb up my ass.

What do I do when I feel like this? Buy a Liter of Pepsi, fries from McDonald’s and go home to watch Fringe. Which got really interesting last night….that is saying something because it has always been interesting.

lifeI just found the above picture and it hits really close to home. Nothing like getting on Pinterest and seeing this when I am already feeling duct taped together. Thanks, Pinterest.


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