“Did he say “go”? Aren’t you supposed to say “go” in karate? You’re supposed to say “go”!”

My afternoon as follows: The Perfect Getaway, Letters to Juliet, and Lake Placid. What kind of mood am I in? Whatever it is…it is awesome! I haven’t seen Letters to Juliet or Lake Placid in a long time.

suck itI am watching Lake Placid as I write this and it brings back to all the memories of quoting this movie almost daily it seemed. I still quote this movie randomly, but not as frequently.

Ooh, the earth is round and so should you be. – Hector

I love Oliver Platt. Anyone who doesn’t love Oliver Platt shouldn’t be friends with me. Okay, that’s not true. People shouldn’t be friends with me for more than that reason.

Although it took a while, my late afternoon of hermitting is going wonderful. I have to pick out the next movie to watch after this one finishing. It started with The Perfect Getaway, Princess Bride, then Pretty Woman. I detoured by picking out Catch & Release, but detoured again with Letters to Juliet. I forgot Oliver Platt had a small part in the latter movie and it made me think of one of my favorite movies.

Could she stay? We were hoping to mate. – Hector

What makes this day even better is that tomorrow is a holiday and I do not have to wake up and go to work. An extra day to sleep in! Fantastic! Last night I passed out around 12:30 and didn’t budge until 11:30 this morning. I haven’t slept that late in forever. Tonight, I do not plan on staying up that late. But you know what they say about plans…. Who knows what I start watching after this. Part of my brain is chanting Alice. But another part of me is whispering, “don’t go down that rabbit hole.” Which is probably the smart part of my brain. I start watching that and I am just looking up pictures of Andrew Lee Potts in the mini-series and Primeval.

Ugh…Primeval. Now I want to watch that…but alas, Netflix took it off. Balls. I’ll have to buy that series eventually. But not today! Today I am not getting out of my pajamas for the rest of the night and possibly tomorrow. Maybe tomorrow I will watch Alice.



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