Second Star to the Left

Yesterday I did not leave the house. It was wonderful. Although I didn’t get cat food when I went to the store Sunday to get cat food, so last night Nelson had a can of tuna fish for dinner. He was happy. I don’t think he knew what to do with himself yesterday since I was home all day. He kept following me around and meowing at me. The weirdo. He also spent almost the entire day playing with this wad of paper. I used up a thing of yarn and balled the paper wrapped around it up to throw in the trash. I missed the trash and Nelson decided to play fetch.

wpid-20150907_101206.jpgI have such a weird cat.

But I love him.

Tonight I get to have dinner with some ladies I used to work at in Johnson City at Lenscrafters. I haven’t seen them in a long time…probably a year now. So I am very excited about tonight. Even though it is a work night and I usually don’t go do things during the work week. Then tomorrow my awesome parents get home. It seems like they have been away forever.

This is going to be a great week. I can feel in it my bones. I can even feel it over the anxiety that is currently taking up residence in my stomach. It feels like an alien crawling around in my gut trying to work its way up my throat. It’s a gross feeling that I have been ignoring all day because it is going to be a great week. It’s a four-day work week and it is going to be filled with laughter and fun!

Of course I need to go to the grocery store tonight…that won’t be filled with laughter and fun. The funny thing about my life is on Sunday I stopped at the store to pick up cat food. I ended leaving with a Pepsi and no cat food. Like I mentioned above, Nelson was happy eating canned tuna for dinner. I will be a better cat friend and buy cat food tonight. No excuses!

After all, the best day to get things done is today!


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