My Bloody Valentine

Friday night Mom and I went and saw A Walk in the Woods. Saturday night the parents and I watching Parks and Recreation. Last night the parents and I watched Supernatural. I don’t know what got me in a Supernatural mood on Sunday, but all I know is I wanted to watch it. And then I cursed myself. The second episode we watched was Abandon all Hope. And even though I had watched it before, I still cried. I cried hard and cursed myself.

But the night was ended on My Bloody Valentine. Which is a great episode. cupidI have watched a lot of Netflix lately. What am I saying? I always watch a lot of Netflix. I have been watching The Office finally. But suddenly, I just want to re-watch shows I have already seen. Like Doctor Who. The new season starts this Saturday! Squee!!! Seriously, I am super excited about it!

And I am also excited about starting my new job two weeks from today!!!!

heartUntil then….there is Netflix to keep me entertained.



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