It’s Fun Looking

I started looking at condos yesterday. That was my mistake. I found one last night that I really like (in pictures anyway, since I haven’t seen it in person). So now I am daydreaming of buying this condo. I know I won’t. Or at least, I hope I don’t unless the price is too good to pass up. At least now I know what I am wanting and when I am serious about finding a place, I know what to look for. But seriously, this place is just about perfect. And I am afraid when I go to look at it, I will fall in love with it even more than I am now.

Being a responsible adult it hard.

All I want to do is lie around in my pajamas and watch Netflix, but you have to pay for Netflix. And for that, you must have a job and cannot lie around in your pajamas and watch Netflix. The struggle is real people.

So now I am just trapped inside my own head of possibilities. And strangely enough, they are all positive possibilities. Shocker! Seriously though people, it is an amazing feeling to wake up in the mornings and not feel a dead weight sitting on top of you, making you dread opening your eyes and seeing nothing. Now, I wake up to a weight sitting on my chest and it’s my jerk cat.

I could say that it is the beautiful weather we have been having that has changed my attitude, but I really think it is the new job coming up. Part of me is afraid I am going to hate it and wish I stayed where I currently am….but the other part of me points and laughs at that part of me.

And now my brain is back on the condo. Two bedrooms, a full bath, kitchen, and dining room upstairs. Downstairs is the entire living room area plus a half bath and washer/dryer hookups. What the fuck, universe? Couldn’t you wait until next year to put that beautiful condo in front of me? Sometimes I feel like the universe does shit like that to me because it knows I’m not ready! And in a few months when I am ready, I will not find anything I like as much as this place.

If that happens, it happens.

Until then, I will dream of the perfect place I will find and move into. I will imagine it is this condo I have found with its hard wood floors and corner stairs. Until then, life is fantastic.


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