Cookie Cake

Today was my last work birthday lunch at my current job. This time next week will be my last day here and then I start my new career path. I am very excited. Today has been non stressful, but hectic. I had to get the mail from the post office, order everyone’s lunch, go pick up the lunch, and even pick out the cake. The only cookie cake they had available at the store was of course a VOLS cookie cake. And it tasted delicious.

Now I am sitting here waiting for the sugar crash to come. And I am also waiting for a co-worker to become available for me to work on some applications. I could do them myself and would already have them completed, but since I will be gone after a week, other people really need to learn how to do these.

I am so very thankful it is Friday! Last night I went and looked at the condo. It was damned near perfect. And if the timing was better, I would be tempted to make an offer (despite the cat piss smell). If I were to live there, I know exactly where my niece would want to hide every single time for hide-and-go-seek. And I know the place I would want to hide to scare the crap out of people. But, it is not the right time. Now, if the cat piss condo is still available in a couple of months….who knows. Maybe I could call it the CPC. Serves me right for looking before I was ready. But, at least I know what I am looking for now. That is step one!

Uh-oh. The sugar crash is coming…I can feel it. I need to hold out for another couple of hours. And then I can crash. Well, after the pizza and beer for dinner with my mom.

It’s going to be a great weekend and it’s so close I can almost taste it.


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