Last Week

Today I woke up and I hated my alarm clock. I didn’t get home until close to ten last night and I am feeling it today. But it is worth it! I got to spend the afternoon with Elena! And before that, I walked around Melton Lake with the parents! All in all it was a great weekend! What makes everything better….today is my last Monday at my current job. This time next week I will be learning a new career! One that I have high hopes for! I just need to get through the next four days!


And of course I can get through these next few days. I just have to remember the feeling of absolute Zen. For example, the above photo. Even though the fair was crowded and hot in the sun, it was a great afternoon spent with awesome people. The whole weekend was great. Friday night I spent the night eating pizza and drinking beer with my mom as we watched stupid movies. Saturday I drove up to Johnson City for the day and ended┬áseeing Transporter Refueled. It was good, but I love the Jason Statham movies more. And now…four days until I can close the door to the insurance world. I hope its closed for good, but you never know what the future holds. Tomorrow night I am eating dinner with my mom and someone from her work’s Human Resource department. He is in town for a career fair on Wednesday. Since I was looking at jobs the beginning of this year up at the home office where he is from, this is a perfect time to rub elbows with someone for a possible job in the future.

wpid-snapchat-3981762365386748755.jpgAlthough I woke up hating my alarm, I am in a great mood. It doesn’t even matter that I have a headache forming behind my eyes. Last week I started working out again in the mornings before work. I even worked out after work on Friday before eating the above mentioned pizza and beer. Six days in a row I worked out. And on my rest day yesterday I ended up taking over nineteen thousand steps (to make up for my lack of steps on Saturday).

This morning was the start of another workout week. I do not know if I will do six days in a row again. I probably need another rest day with how I have been pushing myself lately. Future Laura will have a rest day on Friday to celebrate my last day. I am afraid I am going to do something stupid and cry. I hate crying. Especially in front of people. I probably will cry on Thursday…they are throwing me a good-bye lunch. I am going to miss it here sometimes.

I spent all year basically wanting a new job and for my life to stop being so…dark. It feels weird to not have that darkness surround me. It’s like I’m missing an old friend. But then I think: fuck that friend! It’s a wonderful feeling to wake up in the morning and not dread the moment you leave the house.


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