“Sorry I Annoyed you with my Friendship”

I have been watching The Office lately. It is both hilarious and awkward. The awkward moments are horribly uncomfortable. I can’t believe it took  me this long to finally watch it. Or I can really, since there are so many TV shows to watch and not enough time in the day to watch them. For example, next Tuesday the last season of Bones comes out on DVD. My dad is currently watching the season nine to get ready for season ten. I told him he cannot wait season ten without me. Especially the first episode…because it is both heartbreaking and shocking. And I don’t think Dad has heard any spoilers.

Until then…it is The Office.

seesawExcept for tonight. Tonight I am going to hang out with my BFF Danielle and gang. Since I couldn’t get over their yesterday because of dinner date with my mom, I get to go over there tonight! Then it is only two more work days to get through before I start my new job.

It is so weird thinking about. This time next week, I won’t be sitting at this desk. After five o’clock on Friday, I will no longer be working in insurance. It’s exciting and slightly terrifying. And I mean terrifying in a good way.

Once I was offered this job, all the stress I have been carrying around for the last…year maybe suddenly lifted. I was trying home Monday evening and I had this strange feeling of contentment. I started laughing because I haven’t felt that in a long time. Then, of course, yesterday was a somewhat stressful day. But I got a lot done that I needed on top of helping out with applications.

Tomorrow they are throwing me a good-bye lunch. I am not supposed to do anything… which feels weird because I also get everyone’s order, call in the order, and pick up the food.

And even better, next weekend I will be spending time with my sister and brother in South Carolina! Watch out world! All we are missing is my oldest brother. Maybe next time!


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