Day One


Friday after work, my parents took me out to Wasabi’s for dinner. My favorite restaurant. I think having Abigail for the night was the real reason we went, but I can pretend it was all about me, right? Friday night may have been the least amount of fun I had all weekend and that is saying something because our cook was definitely putting on a show for us…and by us, I mean Abigail.

Saturday we went to Gatlinburg to the Aquarium. We even saw the sea turtle out and about! She is usually hidden in the dark corners of the tank. But Saturday, she was just there past the school of fish swimming around her. One fish bit her face. She wasn’t happy by the looks of it. I tried to get a decent picture of her, but this one fish kept photo bombing the pictures…the jerk. By the time we left the aquarium, Abigail (and me) were starving. So we walked across the street to only the best restaurant ever…No Way Jose’s! If we went home right after that, it would have been a great day. Instead, we went to the Wax Museum in Pigeon Forge.

wpid-20150926_153311.jpgI went to it one before when it was in Gatlinburg almost six years ago. We all had a blast.

How can you not have a blast when surrounded by wax famous people? And get to put on some costumes at some of the stations? Anyone who doesn’t have fun, isn’t doing it right. I had this older gentleman laugh at me when I made one of the Charlie’s Angels’ pretend to kick me in the face.

This past weekend was absolutely beautiful. It was perfect weather, despite the rain on Friday and the sky looking like rain off and on over the weekend. Sunday, I drove up to Cades Cove and saw not one, but four black bear! A mom and her three cubs. They were off in the distance so I wouldn’t have been able to get a good enough picture, but I saw them…and they were adorable. I made in back to Knoxville to see the last Avengers movie at the cheap theater before ending the night watching the latest Doctor Who episode with my dad while I ate left over homemade carrot cake and drank a beer.

It would be stupid if I said I had a fantastic weekend, because obviously I did.

And to top it all off…today was my first day at my new job! Accounting here I come! It feels nice to be out of insurance. It feels even better that I didn’t have to worry about things I may be missing over the weekend that would come across my e-mail. I didn’t check my e-mail once….because I no longer had it! Today at lunch, I walked over to Market Square and bought myself a sandwich. I am going to love working downtown.

I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings!



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