“You Seem Happier”

That is because I am! Thanks for noticing!

It’s a weird feeling. After the first day of the new job last week, I was driving home and it just washed over me…this feeling of contentment. It was strange. Although I still feel that contentment, I am now back to my normal self. Tired and cranky. Especially after a full weekend of driving to Myrtle Beach and back.

wpid-snapchat-2921946880632455403.jpgToday during my lunch I walked over to Mast General Store and picked up some candy. As if my day couldn’t get any better than it was. I am pretty proud of myself though. I haven’t eaten it all…yet. There is always tomorrow for that.

Tonight I will be going over to my friend’s house for pizza so I can’t be completely unhealthy today. I probably shouldn’t have broken down and bought what I did today, but life is too short not to splurge now and again.

Week two of the new job and I am still loving it. Friday after work I drove seven hours to spend the weekend with my sister. I drove through downpour rain to get there. When we arrived, I had this weird feeling I was missing something. It didn’t take long to realize it was the constant worry and anxiety about possible disasters that could happen to campgrounds or clients. I spent the weekend worry free. Well, not worry free. Sunday I was worried we would get stuck there because everything was starting to flood. So my brother and I left before it got too bad.

So yes, I am happier. I am still my regular old cranky self. But I am a happy cranky person.

And it is wonderful.


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