I Need to Come with a Warning Label

How can I forget how absorbed I get while watching TV shows? It’s not like I don’t get wrapped up in them during a Netflix binge every day. But there is something about fall that brings out the crazy in me when it comes to my shows. Last night after work I watched the premier of season 11 of Supernatural. After that, I was going to start the other shows I recorded. For example: The Mysteries of Laura. However, it seems those shows started two weeks ago and I didn’t record them, of course. I started with Once Upon a Time on demand. Then got mad when it kept messing up, so I switched to watching it online. I managed to get through the two episodes I missed of Once before calling it quits and putting on Doctor Who to watch before going to bed. I have two episodes of Mysteries of Laura and Castle to watch now.

While I was watching Once, I kept wanting to talk/think about nothing but it. Which is hard to do when trying to have a conversation. Any conversation, really.


Seriously, I should come with a warning label or something. Which I do try to warn people. There is so many shows to watch and so little time. I have to find time to watch last season finales of a couple different shows so I can start watching them all. So much to do and so little time to do it.


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