Sweat Kind of Morning

I slept like crap last night.

It seemed I woke up every single hour wide awake. It was horrible. Yet when 6 AM rolled around, I dragged my ass out of bed and did thirty-five minutes of Sweat. And I am feeling it this morning.

I feel good, but tired.

So now I am sitting here writing this while watching the season finale of Arrow on Netflix. I thought I had missed this one, but I did! So now it is a refresher to get ready to watch this new season. I guess it was The Flash that I didn’t get to finish last season. Which that is on Netflix so I’ll be watching that later. This week is so busy, I doubt I will be able to catch up on everything. But that doesn’t mean I can’t try!!!

Time to get ready for the work day! Part of me wants to skip the ten flights of stairs this morning, but I know I won’t. Because if I skip today, what will stop me from skipping tomorrow?


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