Cold Mornings

I love days where I am all introspective. Some may not understand it, but that is okay. I love delving deep into my own mind to find new discoveries about myself. Is that what being an introvert is?


I feel myself yearning for a day to myself. A day to not talk to anyone or do anything. Just hang out with my cat. Although, my cat would probably be a needy jerk and demand all my attention. The other night he woke me up cause he was twitching beside me. He was laying on his back spread eagle between my leg and the body pillow I sleep with. I looked at him twitching in his sleep and pet his stomach. He opened his eyes and quietly meowed at me. I think he was having a dream. Whether it was a good dream or bad, I do not know. But suddenly he was wanting to cuddle my face.

I’m sure it is the fall that is wanting me to hermit. These cold mornings and perfect afternoons are absolutely wonderful. It makes me want to get into comfy clothes and binge watch TV shows. Maybe I will have a chance to do that soon.

Wouldn’t that be nice.


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