Hello Friday

It seemed to take forever to get here, but here it is. Friday: standing here in front of me in all it’s glory.

This next week I am house/cat sitting for an old co-worker. I caught up with her after work last night. It was nice. Although I do not miss my old job, I do miss my co-workers. She asked me how I was liking my new job and I told her I loved it. She laughed and asked me if I really did and it was okay to tell the truth to me. And I told her I loved it for real. I am wearing my converses to work and jeans every day. What is not to love?

So after work tonight, I plan on stopping and picking up Salsarita’s for dinner because it’s Friday and I can. Then I plan on catching up on some recorded TV shows before going over to her house and staying the night. I hope I can get some sleep tonight because tomorrow will be a long day. A fantastic, awesome day. But long day.

This morning I finished the second episode of The Mysteries of Laura online. Now to catch up on Castle and I am good to go! Tonight I will watch the recorded episodes of The Flash and Arrow, I think. Probably Supernatural too, because how can I resist a little Winchester action?

My life is so exciting.



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