Boo at the Zoo

This weekend has been chalked full of awesomeness. And it is just Sunday morning. Friday night I caught up on some TV shows before heading over to my old co-workers house. I was asleep around 9 PM and slept over 11 hours. It was amazing and much-needed. Last night I took my niece to Boo at the Zoo with some friends. Except for a little mishap, it was a great night. Abigail ate some candy on the drive home and promptly fell asleep.


My cat is super cuddly right now. Before coming home, I stopped at Kroger to pick up cat food and treats for him since I won’t be home a lot this week. He pushed the keyboard away from my hands so he could have them. He’s so needy…but cute.

I am going to Boo at the Zoo again tonight with another group of friends. This time I will be dressed up as Peter Pan. Which, I should have dressed up like him last night since L was a shadow kid. I failed my duties last night by putting on my Jack dress.

I woke up this morning thinking…what should I eat for breakfast or lunch. And decided popcorn and a soda would do. So I am going to see The Scorch Trials finally!! I have been excited about seeing this movie since The Maze Trials. Friday night that was on HBO at the house I am sitting (of course I immediately fell asleep so I didn’t watch it).

All in all is has been a fantastic weekend. I feel like I am channeling the Ninth Doctor every time I say fantastic.

Ugh. I just remembered, I need green leggings for the Pan costume. There is no way I am going out without some sort of pants on. It is bloody cold out…I love it!


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