I Do Believe in Faeries!

I am so tired today. But this weekend was so worth it. After work this week I plan on being a unsocial hermit (not including one night with my friends). It is going to be wonderful…as long as I actually follow through.

Yesterday I went to the movies and saw The Scorch Trials. It was great, though so different from the book. They took it in a completely different direction. At first I was watching and thinking: what the hell is going on here? Maybe eating all the wpid-20151018_190431.jpgpopcorn was distracting me that the movie wasn’t following the book because it probably took me about ten minutes longer than necessary. And even after I realized it, my brain kept screaming WRONG at random parts of the movie. Silly brain!

Then it was time for Boo at the Zoo…for the second night in a row.

And it was awesome again the second time around.


Wendy kept getting all the compliments and the attention. I think it was the beard.

Which brings me back to: I am so tired today. I am a happy tired, though. Which is a lot better than cranky tired. Tonight I will head home and spend some time with Nelson before heading back to co-workers house. My schedule was thrown all off today. One: because I didn’t get to bed until 11 last night. Two: I wasn’t in a bed cause I like to sleep on the couch. Three: no working out or coffee this morning. And four: I slept in (meaning I made myself get up at 7 instead of 5). Hopefully tomorrow will be a little better for me in the morning!

But instead of being cranky, I am all happy. I think it’s because I had a great weekend with friends and a job I really enjoy!

Life is good.

Monday’s are evil.


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