It’s Not Just a Show Anymore…

I get online and scroll through most of the garbage on Facebook. It’s just habit. Something to do to pass the time and give yourself a break throughout the day.j2

And then I see this:

And I am reminded once again how much these two love their fans. They genuinely care about other people. I started this show because I saw all these pictures/GIFs on Pinterest and I thought to myself: this is a show I need to watch. It looks great. So last year I binged watched it. All nine seasons in a span of a few months. If you haven’t watched it, you could say it’s just a TV show. A sometimes annoying TV shows with the way the brothers act.

But you would be wrong. This TV show brought together a group of people and made them a family. It brought strangers together and created something so wonderful. In a world where people are afraid to talk to each other or even smile at another person, this show has created a fan base that reaches out towards one another in kindness. It is amazing.

And it’s not just Jensen and Jared that create this feeling of family. It’s every single actor and actress on the show. Including, but not limited to Misha Collins.


I saw the above picture in the comment section of the picture of J² and it just filled me with so much awe and hope. These guys truly care for people and show it in every single thing they do and say.

I have battled and struggled with depression and anxiety and I still battle with it some days. But seeing what these guys do for each other and everyone, just makes me feel so very inspired. I will always love these guys. And if I ever get to meet any single one of them, I will probably just break down and cry (which will be most embarrassing).

So no matter what your life situation is and what you are going through…just know you are not alone in the world. Take the bad days with the good and always keep fighting. Some days you will feel like you can’t breath. I’ve been there and it sucks. But keep on breathing and don’t be afraid to ask for help. Some people (most people) won’t know how to respond or will tell you: “you don’t have it that bad. There are other people who have it worse.” Those aren’t the people that can help you. Find someone else, anyone else. Because although it can get better….it sometimes doesn’t feel that way.

And if anything, find a crazy Supernatural fan. They’ll open their arms to you and help in any way they can.


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