“No that’s just perfectly normal paranoia. Everyone in the Universe has that.”

I am feeling the itch for a change.

Which is pretty stupid considering, what, four weeks ago I started a new job.

But, never-the-less, the itch it there. Usually when I feel like, I do something drastic to my hair…like cut it off. ->insert blank facial expression here <-. Since I can’t do that (unless I were to buzz cut my hair), I am thinking about dying it. But I finally have my natural hair color back. Do I really want to start putting chemicals in my hair again?


Or it could just be Thursday and this feeling will pass. Last night I woke up after a couple of hours and I saw a giant spider an inch from my face. I think it was just me opening my eyes cause there was no spider, but I still couldn’t go back to sleep after I searched for it. I am ready to be back in my own bed. Just one more night house/cat sitting to go! Then I will have Nelson in my face protecting me from night spiders.

I am ready for the weekend to get here. Saturday is going to be awesome! I will be hiking a really tough hike for the first time since Elementary school. I hope my knee doesn’t give out on the way back down the mountain. Then that night is the first (I think) hockey game of the season in which my Mom and possibly Dad and I will be attending! Finally! Hockey season is here!

And then it will be Sunday. My hermit day. I have no plans and I don’t intent to make any outside going to be movies. Possibly with my dad.

I just have to get through today.

Fraking Thursdays.


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