Be a Unicorn

I just read this article 4 Ways to Disarm a Manipulator and I almost squealed in delight. And this is why:

You can only control your actions. That is important because you will not be able to change the behavior of a manipulator, but you can stop being their victim. That happens when you start saying “no.”

We are manipulated because we allow it and refusing to be manipulated is the first step in breaking the cycle. Manipulators are good at what they do, so pay attention to their response. They are likely to say or do things that pull at the heart-strings. We should stand firm in our “no,” knowing that we are taking the first step towards freeing ourselves from their influence.

Did you read that? You can only control your actions. I have been struggling with this concept for a while. And in the past year it really hit home. I can only control myself and how I respond in certain situations. This has helped me so much in the past year once I realized I was making myself depressed and anxious over things I had no control over. Granted, it really has helped this past month since I have taken myself out of an uncontrollable situation.

Have I mentioned I love my new job?

Today is going to be a great day. It isn’t even nine in the morning and it is already fantastic. Between my last night house/cat sitting, donuts at work, finding this Star Wars shirt again I want and being Friday, it is a great day.

I just realized the featured photo and the title has absolutely nothing to do with the content….it makes me happy.


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