Chimney Tops

Today I hiked Chimney Tops with my Mom and Kevin.


And it was awesome! Tough, but awesome! I have missed hiking. It is official. I have the hiking bug.

I am also exhausted and ready to go to bed.

wpid-img_20151024_182108.jpgI am so glad I did this hike today. I have been wanting to hike it this year and I did it! It took longer than I thought, but it was meant to be hiked today. The leaves changing colors were absolutely beautiful.

Although it was only two miles, it was a two miles up a mountain. And I did it! And my knee didn’t give out and it isn’t hurting!

Mom and I had plans to go to the first hockey game of the season tonight, but we are passing. Instead we are going to be lazy. I am not sure what she is getting into, but I am watching Netflix and writing this blog. After, I may watch Jurassic World before going to bed.

Tomorrow we are going to see Goosebumps and then I will get back into my pajamas and be lazy. I need a lazy day.

Life is good. Hiking, No Way Joses, pajamas and Netflix. Life is fantastic. Time to be hiking more. Because next year I will be backpacking and doing more things outside!

How could I forget how good hiking makes me feel?

Time to plan my next adventure!


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