Twenty Years

I am back in the swing of getting up by 6 AM to work out.

I am back to hating 6 AM.

But I feel amazing. I am just sore enough to know I am doing something right, but not sore enough to be in pain. It’s more of I feel my muscles.

Yesterday morning was PiYo Lower Body. This morning is was PiYo Core. I both love and hate Core.

It turns out the last time I hiked Chimney tops was in February of 1995. Twenty years and about eight months between the two hikes. Sunday morning Mom had to show pictures of that hike to me. And then we planned another hike in a couple of weeks. A seventeen mile hike!


I hope it is as beautiful as Saturday’s hike. Although I know it won’t be to the top of a mountain. But I am sure it will still be beautiful because we will be in the mountains and nature.

Seriously, I have the hiking bug.

On top of the working out bug. And the eating healthy bug. Though I really want to eat a lot of unhealthy foods like Halloween candy and junk food… maybe this weekend I will splurge. I am going trick or treating with my nephew!


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