Won’t Let a Little Anxiety Stop Me

Anxiety is no joking matter. I may joke about mine sometimes, but it’s really to stop myself from crying.

It’s tough having to live with anxiety. It keeps me indoors and stops me from doing fun things. I have been invited to carve pumpkins at the beer market tonight. Thinking about the unknown quantity of people surrounding me makes me feel a little sick. I hate it. But I will not let that stop me! Because I want to go. I have a lot to do before the weekend, but I am going to make time for this because I know I’ll have a good time. Anxiety be damned!

Seriously anxiety can suck a d because I won’t let it get in the way of my life anymore! Okay, I know that’s not true! But I won’t let it get in the way of tonight! Because I want to carve pumpkins! And I know I won’t do it at home. So after work, I will stop by old co-workers house that I house sat for last week, then head home to change out of work clothes and feed my jerk cat. After that it is off to buy a pumpkin and then head out to somewhere I have never been before and do something fun! I can be a people person for a night! Because tomorrow, I will be baking and decorating cookies all night. And maybe getting myself a pizza.

I made cookie dough last night after work. Of course I forgot about adding the spices so it’s basic sugar cookies and not sugar spice cookies. Ugh. But hey, they are cookies! I’ll just have to make another batch after I eat all these cookies! Because let’s face it…you can never have enough cookies! I have been craving these cookies. This morning I was a little upset with myself upon discovering I missed the page where it told me to add the spices. I thought the batter looked different last night. Stupid adding sugar instead of brown sugar. *shakes fist angrily in the air at past Laura*

But again, it is all right because these cookies will still be delicious. And next time I will make them better!

I will have to stop and get frosting and more sugar tonight since I used all I had – coffee was interesting this morning. I am probably more excited than I should be about making these cookies. I should be excited about eating them…oh wait, I am!


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