My Life in a Nutshell

This weekend was beyond great and let me tell you why.wpid-20151030_231205.jpg

Friday night I ate pizza, drank beer, and baked/decorated cookies with my friend. So much laughter. Seriously, look at those cookies. All cut out, bakes, and frosted in one night. It may not look like a lot…but it was. Of course a few “broken” cookies were eaten in the process.

I ended up staying up till about three in the morning that night (with about a forty minute nap in between 11:30 and then). After my nap, I got up from the couch and put all the cookies up. Then ate more cookies with extra frosting. And if you can go back to sleep with that much sugar in your system, then my hats off to you. So I watched the pilot of Supergirl. And something else before struggling into my bed.

Saturday morning I woke up late and did a work out (on a Saturday)! And boy was it a workout. PiYo Sweat is no joke, people!

Then after that it was off to spend the night with my BFF and her son for Trick of Treating!

wpid-img_20151031_184755.jpgHe was acting like a zombie chasing me. Or just chasing me. Ugh, he is so freaking cute! I cannot believe he is five already. He is getting so big! After walking around my BFF’s neighborhood (which is the best neighborhood to grow up in and trick-or-treat in), we watched Jurassic World and then passed out. Sunday my hamstrings were beyond sore from playing airplane with my nephew. During the day they just seemed to get worse! Even today they are sore and it’s Tuesday! But then again, I did work out yesterday morning and did Sweat again this morning.

Sunday was a family day. Before my brother’s birthday dinner (and after I returned home), I ended up catching up on the Arrow and The Flash. I’ve been so busy I have been neglecting my fictional characters! *gasps* We ate dinner at Wasabi’s and I over ate. It was totally worth it.

Yesterday was a busy day at work. Mondays and most of Tuesdays are super busy. By Tuesday afternoons or Wednesday mornings, I have caught up and can work on orders that we are missing paperwork for.wpid-img_20151103_074108.jpg

Part of me wishes I brought cookies to work today to snack on. The other part of me….realizes it’s a good thing I didn’t. I am sure I will be eating cookies with extra frosting until all the cookies are gone. I am like a cookie monster, just wanting to eat cookies forever and ever.

That is my life in a nutshell…I am a cookie monster.


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