I made it half-way through this week! And now I just want to nap. Is that wrong of me? It’s finally a little blue skies and sunshine showing and I want to curl up on my couch and eat the rest of my Halloween cookies as I binge watch TV shows.

Sounds perfect.wpid-75dc57f6613fb311355c98a37b155319.jpg

But I know I wouldn’t do that even if I could. Instead, I will push through today and rock out the rest of this day. Day three of working out in the morning (this week). Today we did a new workout. Time to step it up and add more challenging workouts! And boy was it. But I feel awesome because of it. Tomorrow will be another tough workout (although not as tough as it was a couple of weeks ago). Friday morning will be a nice and easy workout, I think. Then I shall be lazy on Saturday and go to the movies twice. Once with my dad in the morning. And another that night with my brother. And then it will be Sunday….a really big hike!

I am so excited!

I just need to keep moving forward and accomplish my goals!

I cannot believe it is November already. In a few weeks it will be Thanksgiving, and I will be in Florida with the family. It seems crazy that the holiday season is upon us already. And it’s my brother’s birthday today.

Maybe I will nap on my lunch break? Ha! No I won’t. I will walk around downtown at least for thirty minutes. And then I shall relax. But a nap is out of the question. I probably wouldn’t be able to get back up if I rested my eyes.


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