Another Week Arrived too Quickly

I survived!

We not only survived, but we rocked out that hike! Ignoring the fact that my right knee is now giving me trouble, the hike was perfect!


We hiked 17.2 miles so mom could finally cross off Swallow Fork Trail (a four mile trail) her list. She is wanting to hike all the trails in the Great Smoky Mountains. And now she has me wanting to do it. Not including all the hikes I did as I kid, I can say I have doing 19.2 miles now. Chimney Tops a couple of weeks ago and these couple trails we did on Sunday.

wpid-20151108_103851.jpgIt was a beautiful day for a hike. It was a little cold (and that shocks even me saying that) but it was wonderful. Nothing like hiking to get the temperature and heart rate up!

Last night I slept so great. I did wake up a couple of times. I woke up and I was laying on my back with my legs crossed Indian style and my arms outstretched above my head. I woke up like this twice. Once legs crossed Indian style and another time sitting butterfly style. Since I kept positioning myself that way in my sleep it must have been super comfortable.

My right knee is hurting today, although not as much as it did this morning when I was walking. Stubborn me still took the ten flights of stairs this morning (but only once today).

Tomorrow I will be back at working out and being good. My work brought in lunch for everyone and there were brownies for desert. I may or may not have eaten three. But…they are tiny little cube brownies.


I just want to hike. I know I need to rest and regroup, but I love being outdoors. This weekend I will not be hiking (unless for some reason we don’t go to Dollywood). And whatever day we don’t go to Dollywood, I shall be a hermit. The only reason I will leave the house is for food or movies. Other than that, I will be in my pajamas happily being lazy.

I cannot wait.


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