Girlfriends’ Guide to Getting a Divorce

Because I am not getting pulled into any particular shows on Netflix currently I have been watching random stuff. Including Merlin every once in a while because I am not letting myself getting pulled down that pool of tears and heartbreak. I only allow myself to watch it once a day, either in the mornings before work or during lunch. So this morning I turned on Netflix after working out and getting my cup of coffee and this show called Girlfriends’ Guide to Getting Divorce was at the top. And it had the actor from Private Practice in it (the pediatrician) and Janeane Garofalo in it. So of course I had to start watching it. It started off pretty good and then suddenly it got real and intense quick. I should have guessed it from the title. But you never know if something is going to be light-hearted or deep. It could go either way.

fearLast night my dad and I caught up on the current season of Doctor Who. It was just the last two episodes which happened to be another two-part episodeĀ so it was perfect.

I know a lot of people don’t like Peter Capaldi as the Doctor, but damned I am not one of those people. He is wonderful. Last season the episodes weren’t as great, but they are making up for it this season. In my opinion, that is.

Doctor Who makes me happy.

And it is something I can share with my dad, so it’s even better!


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