Upside Down

I am royally messed up this week.

Yesterday afternoon felt like Monday. Which is nice because it was really Tuesday and I spent the evening with my friends watching Inside Out. And now today is Wednesday. I am having lunch with one of my old co-workers and now that I think about it having dinner with an old co-worker from back in the retail days.

I am really needing another good solid 8 to 9 hours of sleep.

Half-way through the week and I am drained. Body and mind. Tomorrow I have a physical therapy evaluation at 4 PM regarding my knee. My doctor has finally convinced me. And when I say convinced…she got me to say yes on Monday. Now…I am hesitant. Sunday it hurt a lot in the last 4 miles or so. Monday was hurting, but by the evening it wasn’t too bad. Tuesday it just hurt when I took the stairs, but it didn’t hurt anything like it did on Sunday night and Monday morning.

We’ll just see how it goes, right?

I am excited about this Sunday and my plans on doing nothing. Absolutely nothing. It is going to be wonderful! I can make it until then, right? After all, it is already Wednesday (though it’s pretending to be Tuesday at the moment).


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