“What is it that you actually want?”

dw2This morning was rough. I did not want to get up, but I did. I struggled through PiYo Buns this morning. Usually I feel better after working out. I did not this morning. I felt worse.

Bloody Thursday.

But the sun is shining and I am breathing so it is a good day. Even if my eyes are tired and all my body wants to do is lay down, I am alive and making the best of this day.

Plus, my first physical therapy evaluation is today at four.


All I want to do is read my books. They are stacking up, waiting to be read. I need to make time to read. I started a book my dad lent me a month or so ago on Tuesday. I am hoping to be able to read a little more tonight after the movie I am going to see.

dw3I am finally getting to see The Intern tonight! I am excited. I think I will be eating popcorn for dinner. Which isn’t the healthiest, but after all I ate yesterday I do not care. I am craving some movie theater popcorn. Now I just need to make it until the movies. Which is hard because all I want to do is rest my eyes and sleep.

At least I am listening to Harry Potter: The Order of the Phoenix at the moment. That is keeping me awake. It’s almost the end too… so now I am starting to get worried I’ll just start crying. They are in the Department of Mysteries at the moment getting chased by Death Eaters. The Order of the Phoenix members haven’t arrived yet.



Oh Doctor Who. These scenes are from last Saturday’s episode. If you cannot tell, they have really hit me in the feels. It was a really great two-part episode. And I am excited to see what is going to be happening next! This morning I watched an episode of last season before work. You have to love Netflix and the ability to just turn it on and not have to find a random episode you want to watch without having to find the correct DVD.


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