With my crazy schedule these past few weeks, I made time for myself on Sunday and had a hermit day. And it was wonderful. Friday night was a lot of fun with old co-workers at a Thirty-One party. Saturday I was able to get up and get my oil changed and tires rotated. Now I need to find time to wash my car before the trip to Florida for Thanksgiving. After I got my oil changed, I came back home and wrapped what Christmas gifts I had already purchased. I feel pretty good! All I need is my dad, niece, and best friend and nephew and then I am done! Well, I still need to figure out and get stuff for my sister and her kids. But that is for future Laura to figure out! And my dad’s gift doesn’t come out until December, so I don’t need to worry about that. I like getting these gifts thought of and out-of-the-way so early! It’s nice!

I was able to watch last week’s The Flash and most of Arrow before picking up my friends for the afternoon at Dollywood. I had the best day/night Saturday. Elena cooked for me. And oh man was it delicious!

I just had a deja vu.

Sunday I slept in (for me). And spend the entire day in comfy clothes, watching my shows, and crocheting a blanket. It was the best day ever! And I ended it taking a bath and reading a book before passing out before 9 o’clock.

Sadly, I woke up still exhausted. But I did wake up almost every hour. And my cat was hogging the blanket.

It is a great day, despite it being Monday. I was able to get my lazy butt out of bed this morning and work out. There is something about Monday’s that my bed doesn’t want me to leave it.

Tonight I will watch Saturday nights episode of Doctor Who with dad and also watch the new Terminator movie! I ended up splurging on some movies Saturday after the oil change. I saved money at Jiffy Lube, so I spent it all and a little more at Best Buy. Some of it was a Christmas present though!

Now all I want to do is lay around in my pajamas and either crochet or read. Either sounds splendid. I can’t believe I had forgotten how wonderful lying around doing nothing is.


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