Tonight will be my first game of the season and I am so excited to be able to go to the game tonight. Although I would love nothing more than to go home, get into pajamas, put in a movie and fall asleep…going to a hockey game is the next best thing!

I don’t know why I am so tired and drained this week. And it’s only Tuesday.

Tomorrow night I get to hang out with my BFFs since tonight is the hockey game. Thursday night will be a me night consisting of Netflix and probably crocheting. Friday night right after work I will be picking up my friend and we will drive to a Broadway musical in Nashville. And then it will be Saturday and I will be driving to Florida for a week.

No wonder I am tired.

All-in-all life is good. It’s weird. I am just waiting for something to happen to make me feel like I did a few months back. I am glad so far nothing has happened. Except for being tired, I am good.

It’s a weird feeling.

I feel like I am three steps away from feeling like a fully-functional adult. Don’t ask me what those steps are because I have no idea. I’m sure they will come to me eventually. But until then, I shall keep my head high and keep pretending I am an adult.

There is this book that came out last week that isn’t at the library yet. ->insert sad face here<- But that is okay, I think I am going to get the previous books on CD for my road trip to Florida this weekend. I’m sure my brother (or whoever will be riding with me) will be sleeping or doing their own thing. If not, they can listen to the adventures!

The guys in my office are having a ping pong tournament today. It’s at the final four currently. Needless to say I am getting a lot done at work today.


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