Yesterday at lunch I started iZombie on Netflix. I finished the Merlin episode and wasn’t emotionally stable enough to start a new one. Since I haven’t fallen down a rabbit hole of obsession on any particular show, I went through my ever growing list of things to watch and saw iZombie. I thought to myself…this is the perfect time to start.


By the time the first episode ended it was time to go back to work. And all I wanted to do was hit the ever temping “next episode” button.


So now I know what I want to watch this week. Although it will have to be patient and wait until before/after work and lunch. And it’s not like I’ll be able to watch Netflix while I am driving – that is plain dangerous and not something anyone should do! So unless my brother or mom drives, looks like I’ll be sticking with books on CD for the long drive to Florida Saturday.

Ugh. I sound like an utter twat. Oh, poor me. I can’t watch Netflix because I’ll be driving to Florida on an awesome family vacation. Sometimes I really just want to slap myself across the face.

Anyways. I am an idiot.

It’d only Wednesday. I can probably get through season one before the weekend. After all…there are only thirteen episodes in season one. Then maybe I can catch up on season two being aired currently.

Challenge accepted.


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