Day Three

Yesterday we walked almost ten miles! Poor Abigail fell asleep at dinner last night. Of course she ate most of her dinner before she passed out on grandma.


This has been a wonderful couple days in St Augustine! Today the plan is to stop at the beach before heading to Aunt Jo’s. My cousin and her family will be there so it’ll be great for Abigail to be around her cousins! Though we may not be able to keep Legoland a secret for much longer. She is going to freak out! On the drive down she was talking about Legoland.

I’m glad I was able to get so much sleep these past couple nights. Now that we’re heading into the family portion of vacation I am not sure when I will be getting to sleep. I may be the youngest in age of the grownups, but I probably go to sleep before anyone. Two out of the three nights here I was asleep before my parents.


Abigail had a blast at her first minature golf game last night!


Mom had a fun time too! She really didn’t hit her ball through the wall…the hole(s) were already there. But she did play with me by pretending she did!

Life is good!


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