Hallmark Christmas Movies

Don’t judge.

But as my family goes to this great beer place, I am sitting alone on the couch with the Hallmark channel Christmas movies on. Yes, my niece is in the other room watching the lego movie on her dad’s laptop. Part of me feels like I should have gone. But the other part of me is so very glad to have some time to myself. Especially with the car ride ahead of us tomorrow.

I need some silent time.

But I found another house yesterday and joked with my brother about how him and Abigail could move in with me and this morning he made a comment and even asked if it was something I could get. When we get home I’m going to check into it. It’s a three bedroom, two bath and two level house. Maybe this is something I can get! It has an upstairs living room and downstairs. Both with fireplaces! PJ and Abigail could be upstairs and I could be downstairs and we share the kitchen! Sounds too good to be true!

Last day in Florida.

This week has been great, but I am excited to go back home and spend some time with Nelson.


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