I made it back home without too much trouble on Sunday night. Although it was very late. And Nelson kept me up all night basically trying to become one with me face. At one time, he even used my face as a pillow as he purred happily in his sleep.


If he wasn’t so darned cute, I would have murdered him a long time ago. Just kidding, he makes me feel loved. That stupid jerk cat!

It’s already Wednesday, but it feels like it should be Friday. Yesterday felt like a Thursday to me. This week is all fraked up. These past few days at work has been crazy trying to play catch up with everything. It is finally getting back to normal. Now I sit here at my desk, counting down until lunch – which is just a few minutes away, and I am ready for sleep. Like days of sleep.

Tonight after work I need to get gas and groceries. Badly.

Tomorrow night is my first night on a bowling league for a few weeks. That will be interesting. And then it is the weekend! No plans, except for Saturday night with my friend Elena and Sunday afternoon with my brother. We are looking at a house.

Until the Friday at 5:30 – say hello to Zombie Laura. I am a walking zombie too tired to do anything more than grunt hello and goodbye.

That doesn’t mean I don’t love you. It just means I need to sleep.

Least I am not wanting to eat your brains!


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