Not the Same

“Time away from you makes us want you. Introverts need time alone to quiet their buzzing, ever-active minds.  Stillness allows the energizing space within to expand making room for new stimulation, ideas and relationships.

A session of stillness makes me remember what I love about people. It allows the connection craving to surface. Alone time connects me with myself on a very specific yet universal level. I see my values and strengths and how they serve a purpose in the world — big picture time. In the end I feel a desire to share all of this goodness with someone else.” – Brenda Knowles

I am not the same person I was.

I have grown as a person and finally feel comfortable in my own skin. Which has been extremely difficult to get to this moment of time. And in a year, I think it is safe to say I will still be able to say I am not the same person I was. At least, I hope I will not be the same person I am today. And with that hope, I feel confident that I will not be.

meant to be

And isn’t that wonderful!

This past weekend I was able to spend a little time with my favorite person…me. And it made me appreciate everything. All my great friends, both here and far away. And by far away, I mean about two hours away. I was able to reflect on the person I was, the person I am, and the person I hope to be.

It’s all very humbling to see how far I have come. And also, very exciting to see what happens next.


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