What to do…

I keep going back and forth. Like I normally do when any type of decision making needs to happen…

And it’s stupid really… Should I grow out my stupid hair? Or keep it short like it is? If I grow it out and don’t like it, I can always cut it off. If I attempt to grow it out and get annoyed, again I can get it cut off. This style suits me. It suits my personality and it flatters me. But at the same time….I miss being able to do things with my hair. Now I just kind of put some junk in it and move along.

Though it is nice not having to brush it out. I haven’t really brushed my hair in a year. I haven’t needed to.

So that is my dilemma.

Isn’t it stupid?

This month is moving quickly. It’s already the 9th.  Next weekend Star Wars is finally here. The week after that, it’s Christmas. And I still haven’t heard from the lender. But I will be calling again on my lunch and if I don’t get a hold of someone, I will try a different lender. Cause I want to get this long process started already.

If we don’t get this one, another one is bound to come around and if we already are pre-approved and stuff…maybe it will work out better. But I really want this house. I cannot stop thinking of it.

It makes it worse when this day is going so freaking slowly.


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