“We do not recognize our souls until they are in pain.”

I did it.

I worked out this morning.

Don’t ask me how I got up. But I did. And the crazy thing, it wasn’t even hard to get up. Despite getting in late after bowling all night.

It’s good being social and doing new things. Yes to all the new things. Okay, maybe not all the new things. But almost all the new things!

This morning is dragging, but at least it is almost afternoon time. Tonight is my second night bowling in a league. Then it is Friday! FINALLY! I get to go see my BFF and seeing Mockingjay: Part Two!

Life is fantastic.

On Sunday my brother and I will be getting pre-approved for a loan for the house…*fingers crossed*

Maybe this time next week we can make an offer or do whatever the next step is. Which means…something is going to happen and we won’t be able to do the next step. Stop it, Laura! Stop thinking negatively.

I blame Thursday for my lapse in optimism. Damn Thursdays.


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